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Premium pinch valves from Switzerland for the world

HO-Matic is the Swiss manufacturer of pneumatically operated pinch valves you can trust. With over 40 years of experience in the development and production of high quality pinch valves, we are the right contact if you are looking for reliable and durable pinch valves and unbeatable service.

Swiss quality since 1977

Since our company was founded in 1977, we have been actively supporting our customers with unique products and optimum service. HO-Matic stands internationally for innovative and reliable control systems. Our patented HO-Matic pinch valves, which we proudly produce exclusively in Switzerland, cover all areas of application with a constantly growing product range. With over 40 years of experience, HO-Matic stands for quality you can trust.

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Save costs with products from HO-Matic

Thanks to the innovative oval shape, our dead space-free pinch valves reduce control air consumption by up to 40% and thus also your energy costs. At the same time, there is less stress on the sleeve, which also extends the life time of the HO-Matic pinch valve. A straight valve passage prevents clogging or plugging. All these advantages of the HO-Matic pinch valves reduce your investment and operating costs in the long term.


Our patented HO-Matic pinch valves are versatile and are the optimum solution for many applications involving corrosive, abrasive and fibrous substances such as liquids containing solids, granulates and powders, as well as gaseous and pasty media.

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