distinctive advantages

HOmatic pinch valves are characterized by the following distinctive advantages:

  • innovative, space-saving housing with a modern design    
    • energy savings of up to 40%     
    • low mechanical loads on the sleeve    
    • longer service life

  • standard lightweight housing made of aluminium and/or POM plastic

  • special series with housing made of stainless steel

  • in general full flow cross-section in accordance with the DN rated width

  • straight valve passage without constrictions or back-up points
    • no clearance volume
    • no clogging or blockage
    • negligible pressure or friction losses

  • parts in contact with medium made of POM plastic or stainless steel, with the exception of the sleeve

  • from rated size DN 50, only the elastomer is still in the medium flow
    • question of resistance reduced to a single point

  • optimum value for money

all these advantages of HOmatic pinch valves contribute to keeping investment and operating costs to a minimum.